Nestled amidst old-growth woodlands, every residence in Rod Valley aspires to immerse its inhabitants in the tranquility, serenity, and crisp air of Vitosha Mountain, while maintaining close proximity to the conveniences of Sofia. 

Rod Valley Intelligent Residences are situated in the scenic valley of Detski Grad, Sofia. 

Each residence is impeccably executed with a smart home design, ensuring minimal operational expenses and superior energy efficiency.  

In the architectural planning of each residence, meticulous attention has been devoted to its spatial arrangement, practicality, material selection, and exceptional sound and thermal insulation, all harmoniously integrated within an optimal square footage. 

In the development of Rod Valley, we have meticulously considered the comprehensive comfort and experience of each proprietor and resident, reducing all potential maintenance issues typically associated with a standalone residence. 

We understand the significance of the environment and quality of life for each of our clients. Therefore, our objective is to establish an exclusive community where successive generations can thrive and reside in a tranquil, pristine, and secure home.